Doctors are MORE likely than non doctors to have a mental health problem but can find it difficult to seek help, often leading to long delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors and medical students with mental health problems often feel isolated and as if they are the only one with a problem.

The good news is that doctors and medical students with mental health problems make excellent recoveries with appropriate support and treatment.

The Doctors' Support Network (DSN) is a fully confidential, friendly peer support group for doctors and medical students with mental health concerns including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychoses and eating disorders.  
 DSN believes that contact with and support from other medics can help recovery.  All DSN members have either themselves been troubled at some stage in their lives or support the aims of the organisation.
DSN is currently the only independent body representing doctors with non substance use related, mental health conditions in the UK.  ​
DSN actively campaigns to improve mental health care for doctors and is involved in consultations (representing an informed user view) with professional organisations such as the General Medical Council.
DSN members say :
 'It is so reassuring to know now that DSN exists as it makes me feel less alone with the problem of illness as a doctor.'

​​ ' ... meeting others with similar experiences and getting support '

'I've had invaluable support and advice over the years I've been a member.'
Go to our NEWS page for recent stories about doctors' mental health and DSN.

Edward Gomm is fundraising for DSN!

Ed and Laurie are kindly supporting DSN by doing the Ironman Mallorca challenge.  Please sponsor them on Virgin Money Giving by selecting the link below.
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 Please note

  •  DSN membership is in addition to and not a substitute for personal healthcare from relevant medical professionals e.g. general practice, occupational health specialists, psychiatry or psychologists.  
  • DSN does not provide individual support for doctors involved in General Medical Council processes.  (Support for doctors about whom a complaint has been made to the GMC is available from the Doctor Support Service provided by the BMA - click HERE for a link.  This support is also available to non BMA members.)
  • ​DSN does not provide one to one counselling or refer individuals to specialist services.​
  • DSN is entirely run by volunteer members in their spare time.  

Patron - Dr Phil Hammond

Phil Hammond is a doctor, journalist, broadcaster, campaigner and comedian.  He qualified as a GP in 1991 and currently works in a specialist NHS centre for children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

The General Medical Council has said of Phil 'A comedian trapped in a doctor’s body.’ 
Phil says of DSN ' If we want to have a better health service, we have to look after the people working in it.  Sadly, those who care the most often find it hardest to ask for help when they're struggling to cope.  That's why I am proud to be a patron of the Doctors' Support Network.  Mental illness can happen to us all, and it is vital that doctors know where to get help and support. '
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